Finn’s best friend Ginny is a true book lover.

She curls up and reads from cover to cover. 

The Perfect Book coming March 2023.

Will Mr Persnickety help Finn find the perfect book in time for Ginny’s birthday? Would she like a book with loopy llamas, impolite pugs, or dinosaur dung?

Can Finn find the perfect book? 

Let’s take a look . . .

Eddie is a Wonderdog, his family knows it too. He's often up to mischief, it's what he likes to do!

Debut picture book with Larrikin House

Eddie is a mischief making Corgi. He has swallowed an angel from the Christmas tree and taken off on an adventure with the family following closely behind.
A fast-paced adventurous Christmas romp filled with humour and action.

Readers will engage with the characters but may be left with some questions about the cheeky ending.

(Out now)

Jacinta Froud has been writing stories and poems since she was knee high to a grasshopper. That’s old people speak for kind of tiny. She is a teacher and a Mum to three children, who love listening to her silly stories and provide constructive criticism when poked.

Her favourite past-times include: hanging out with her family and friends, writing stories, quiet time, and laughing until she’s crying. ​​​​​

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