Jacinta Froud has been writing stories and poems since she was knee high to a grasshopper. That’s old people speak for kind of tiny. She is a teacher and a Mum to three children, who love listening to her silly stories and provide constructive criticism when poked.

She first worked as a chef and then became a high school teacher and taught in schools around NSW and the ACT. Silly stories are often buzzing around in her head when she should be concentrating on more serious things!

More recently Jacinta has been working with local primary school students as an ‘Author in Residence’. She often posts updates and inspirations on her instagram page @jacintafroud. She is enthusiastic about inspiring young people to write great stories.

Her debut picture book, Jingle Belly, is a Christmas themed romp, starring Eddie the Wonderdog, a cheeky and energetic Corgi who is often up to mischief. It is illustrated by talented artist, Gabriella Petruso and published by Larrikin House in November 2021.

Her second book, The Perfect Book, stars Finn and Mr Persnickety in their endeavours to find best friend Ginny, the perfect book for her birthday. It was designed by Ozan Tortop from Tadaa Book and illustrated by Gökçe Yavas Önal. It is due for publication in March 2023.

Jacinta is a member of the ACT Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI ACT) the Children’s Book Council of Australia ACT (CBCA ACT) and the Australian Society of Authors (ASA). She is an active participant in several groups including the Duck Pond, SCBWI critique group, The Dreamers and The Sunshine House.

Her favourite past-times include: hanging out with her family and friends, writing stories, quiet time, and laughing until she’s crying.